GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France

Discovery Channel Documentary


High-Tech Digs

UltraScience, a Discovery Channel show, produced a segment on high tech rescue archaeology, which originally aired on October 9, 1996 on The Learning Channel and is repeated regularly. The program featured our Burgundy, France Project in an episode entitled, High-Tech Digs. The production was shot in early 1996 at the Rutgers University Center for Remote Sensing and while conducting field work in France. Below we have included a few photographs taken during the production. Check their schedule to see when it will air next. It also airs regularly on United airlines international flights (once while I was flying to was interesting when my neighbors recognized me).

Bob (left) behind the scenes in France, Scott is in the drivers seat

Scott (middle) preparing for an interview shot on Mt. Dardon

Cameraman Michael Jackson checks a shot in the aircraft

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