Regional dynamics : Burgundian landscapes in historical perspective
edited by Carole L. Crumley and William H. Marquardt.
San Diego: Academic Press, c1987.
ISBN 0-12-198380-3 (hardcover) ISBN 1-12-198381-1 (paperback)

This 630 page work contains the results of the first decade of our collaborative research in the region. Chapter titles are:

Chapter 1: Theoretical Issues in the Analysis of Spatial Patterning (William H. Marquardt and Carole L. Crumley)

Chapter 2: Environmental Setting (Carole L. Crumley)

Chapter 3: Archaeological Investigations at Mont Dardon (Paul R. Green, Walter E. Berry, and V. Ann Tippitt)

Chapter 4: Certain Factors Influencing Settlement during the Later Iron Age and Gallo-Roman Periods; The Analysis of Intensive Survey Data (Carole L. Crumley, William H. Marquardt , and Thomas L. Leatherman)

Chapter 5: A Multiscalar Approach to Remote Sensing in a Temperate Regional Archaeological Survey (Scott L. H. Madry)

Chapter 6: Historical Ecology (Carole L. Crumley)

Chapter 7: Road Networks and Exchange Systems in the Aeduan Civitas, 300 B.C. -A.D.300 (Jason E. Dowdle)

Chapter 8: Epona in the Aeduan Landscape: Transfunctional Diety under Changing Rule (Laura S. Oaks)

Chapter 9: Periodic Markets in Contemporary Southern Burgundy (Carole L. Crumley)

Chapter 10: Feux Celtiques: Burgundian Festival as Performance and Process (William H. Marquardt and Carole L. Crumley)

Chapter 11: Position of the Dialetct of the Morvan and Charolais in Linguistic History (Norbert Guinot)

Chapter 12: Charolais or Charollais? (Hubert Elie)

Chapter 13: Celtic Settlement before the Conquest: The Dialectis of Landscape and Power (Carole L. Crumley)

Chapter 14: The Romans in Burgundy (Paul MacHendrick)

Chapter 15: Southern Burgundy in Late Antiquity and the MIddle Ages (Walter E. Berry)

Chapter 16 :Regional Dynamics in Burgundy (Carole L. Crumley and William H. Marquardt)

While this volume is currently out of print, several copies are still available through the authors. Contact Carole Crumley at

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