This research has been supported over the years (in part) by the National Geographic Society, The Institute for Technology Development's Space Remote Sensing Center, The Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station of Rutgers University, and (the Lion's share by far) by the project participants and the author themselves.

Grateful acknowledgement is given to the staff of Centre de Recherches Geologique de Garchy-CNRS, especially A. TABBAGH, and G. DUCOMET, for their collaboration in this project. They provided the ARIES airborne scanner data acquisition, manual analysis, and copies of the digital tapes to us. Their assistance and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Special thanks are due to Henri Gaillard de Semainville, previous Director of the Antiquities Historiques de la Bourgogne, and to the people of the Arroux River Valley for their kind assistance and continuing support of us and our research activities. Special mention is due Lucien Dauvergne, Jean-Claude Jacquet, Claude and Laure Dejours, and the members of Les Amis du Dardon. M. Pierre Besçon, President of SPOT Image Corporation provided us with cloud-free coverage of the area with a rapid delivery. Dr. Vern Singhroy of the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing provided the RADARSAT imagery.

Rutgers graduate students Bob Wiencek, Jeff Cusano, Mike Crowley, and Lynn Rakos assisted in much of the data processing, along with Remote Sensing Center staff members Jim Gasprich and Rich Bochkay.

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